Earth Day Love

Earth Day Love

As the weather warms up, I can’t help but spend as much time as possible outside. Some days I just want to call in sick and spend the day on our beautiful beaches. I love sticking my toes in the sand, smelling the ocean, and settling down outside on a beach towel with nothing but beautiful Mother Earth surrounding me. No matter what life throws my way, I can’t help but look at the bright blue shining sky and smile.

Here at Hip & Chick, we pride ourselves in being a green business in any and all ways. Even in the beginning, when we were just experimenting with sugar scrubs and soy candles, we had a passion for using organic ingredients while still maintaining the ultimate aromas and textures that everyone wants. We use only healthy and natural body products like Vitamin E, rosemary oil, and shea butter which give you the best green goddess experience. From our sugar scrubs to lotions to oils to our soy candles, we handcraft our all products maintaining our passion for staying clean and green!

In keeping with our clean living mission, I’ve come up with a few ways for you to reuse your candle jars once you’ve gotten as much out of them as possible! First, you’re going to want to place the jar in the freezer. After a few hours, the leftover wax and wick can be chipped out with a butter knife. If there is more than a little bit of wax left, place your candle jar in a warm oven and allow the wax to liquefy, then dump the wax out, and wipe the jar clean with a disposable towel. At that point, you can get rid of any residue with soap and water or the dishwasher. After the jars are nice and clean, you can reuse them as cocktail tumblers or a great holder for all of your makeup brushes or desk essentials!

On this Earth Day, and every day, we invite you to give a little hug to the Mother we all know and love, and embrace your goddess within.

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