How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated in The Winter | Good Vs Bad Alcohols

Hello Goddess! When the weather changes, so does our skin. In the spirit of our November special, we decided to hop on the blog and talk a little more in depth about our lotions and how you can use them to keep your skin hydrated and fresh even in the cold, winter weather.

We should technically be moisturizing daily, PERIOD, but I know how life gets and when I’m running late, I’d much rather make sure to have a coffee over moisturizing. But that’s just me 😊 Thankfully over the years I have started making it easier on myself to make sure I hit all my daily self-care steps

Our lotion here at Hip and Chick Organiks is outstanding, not only do they smell fabulous they also give the most moisture while not leaving a film or stickiness to your skin! None of our products use or contain any bad alcohols. Below, you can find our guide to Good VS Bad Alcohols - which you want to stay away from because they tend to strip away your natural oils and dry you out more

You can find Cetyl and Stearyl Alcohol in our lotions and Holidaze cream which help emulsify, thicken and make the product more emollient (makes it moisturizing by aiding in product penetration). We use a 73% organic base that we blend with a few to give the ultimate result. Winter is known for being very drying to our skin, but there are some tips and tricks to help prevent itchy dry skin! Using our lotion will help in every aspect you would want, it helps preserve your skin with natural sources of vitamin C and E that repair and protect, while softening and improving the appearance of your skin on top of moisturizing. 
  • First thing is first, as hard as it may be, STOP taking scorching hot showers. They strip away our bodies natural oils causing the dryness and itching. This even helps with the health of our hair as well.  Hot showers are my favorite thing, especially in the cold weather, but the difference it makes to take a cooler shower is life changing to be honest. 
  • Keep a bottle of lotion in the shower, that way you see it and don’t forget!! Plus, applying lotion while still damp and warm lets it penetrate and moisturize deeper. 
  • When I’m feeling extra dry or itchy, I’ll throw in a few pumps of our Liquid gold and lather my whole body with them, feels AMAZING. Plus gives a great glow 😉 (Shop Liquid Gold)
  • Sometimes I will do a little dry brushing before I get into the shower to flake away any dead skin build up, stimulate blood flow (allows deeper product penetration) plus leaves your skin super soft, 

My daily routine is using our Mellow Yellow body wash, Mellow Yellow Sugar scrub, Mellow Yellow body lotion mixed with some Liquid Gold, my skin soaks it ALL up! If you're in need of some extra hydration, take advantage of our BUY 2, GET A FREE TRAVEL SIZE special going on now-Nov 30th! 

P.S. Our November special is here just in time for the Holiday's and your bestie could always use a little self-care time with Hip & Chicks! Shop Lotions Now  

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