Our Private Label Program

Welcome to Hip & Chick private label. This section will describe how you can get started creating a collection and branding our Hip & Chick stock bath & body products as your own. You will find detailed information on how to take our stock products, choose your preferred packaging, and how to get your label on our products.

Hip & Chick is happy to offer our full product line to customize as your own with packaging, scents and label design and printing; or to purchase in Hip & Chick standard packaging colors and scents with no label that allows you to take full control of your label design and printing. Either way, these options will help the products to have a more personal touch, and for you to have control over the look and feel of your brand.

Below is a link to directly purchase our “naked” unlabeled product. Click the link below and begin exploring the stock products that can be purchased for your brand. You also have the option to purchase a sample set of products and/or sample scents. When you order samples you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the quality of the products and the formulas and whether they are right for your brand. This option for products offers limited packaging options, Hip & Chick core fragrances only, and does not include the full range of Hip & Chick products, but some of our most popular. This option does offer lower minimums and gives you the freedom to label at your own discretion.

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In the event you would like even more creative input into your brand’s products, follow the link below to learn about our Private Label Process. Our team will help you begin the sampling process which includes testing your chosen products and fragrances.

Click here to see our products available for private label

Purchase sample products and fragrances here

Once you are on your way with product samples, the next step is choosing your packaging. If you would like to have the freedom to create a more customized collection for your brand, the following information will describe our process. Links to visit will include additional packaging colors, sizes, and additional fragrance options. 

You will also find information about the labeling process and the additional costs associated with that. However, these products can also be purchased unlabeled. 

Should you choose for Hip & Chick to design and print your labels in house, we will use our preferred vendor for printing and provide the most competitive printing costs we can find. 

At Hip & Chick we believe that you know best what you love and what you are attracted to in a personal care product. If you look on your bathroom counter you will see what kind of packaging and products you and your family purchase. If you create a product you love and that you would purchase, you will sell it better than if someone else created for you.

For this reason, the links below will help you get to know our available customization options. If you would like to source your own packaging, fragrances or labels and have it sent to our facility, we allow that upon approval.

Click here to see our in stock private label packaging options

Click here to see our in stock private label fragrance options

Purchase sample products and fragrances here