Add an extra layer this Winter

As the cold months continue, our skin gets drier. Making sure you keep up with moisturizing you skin + body along with using quality products will keep your skin soft, healthy, glowing and ready to show off now + when warmer weather arrives. 

Of course, applying body lotion daily is one of the most important steps you can take every day and helps a ton-but what about those times in the dead of winter when you apply a layer and your skin seems to absorb it instantly! Its like you need to add another layer and trust me if you feel it, you do! There's one winter skin-loving solution I like to add in addition to my daily moisturizer is a layer of our Dream Cream body butter (yum). This blend of natural shea butter and oils to target all the necessary points to ensure it leaves your skin with extra vital nourishment and moisture.

We whip only 4 ingredients creating a soft buttery cream, light in consistency that easily applies to your skin (as your firs tor second layer!) without leaving a film or sticky feeling behind. The high quality shea butter, sunflower, jojoba, and coconut oils in this recipe all work together aiding in the repair and ultra hydration of your skin while locking in its natural moisture. Check out our Dream Cream Whipped Body Butter here

& of course, don't forget, exfoliating the entire body (my fav is this one!) in the shower 2-3 times weekly will leave the skin even softer and ready for extra buttery layers of moisture.

Now, we can’t forget about your hands and feet! Did you know that our hands are one of the first places to show aging? Yikes! And don't get me started on the feet. Hey, but tHe more the merrier I always say, especially when it comes to my extra dry heels! But, there's a cream for that...Enter a new favorite, our LUXE Collection, a decadent Hand & Foot Cream plus amazing Himalayan Salt Foot Polish make a perfect addition to your nightly routine to combat dry, cracking and crepey skin on our hands and feet. The first thing I start with is to slough away dead and dry skin with our LUXE exfoliating foot polish. This polish blended with coconut oil, Himalayan salt, and peppermint makes the best at home mani-pedi! Scrub your hands and feet and let them soak in warm water so you can receive all the benefits of the pink Himalayan salt and the peppermint essential oils. The pink salt gently exfoliates while the coconut oil helps increase the skin's hydration.

            Once you’ve scrubbed away build-up and dead skin, it’s time to apply a nourishing cream to the fresh soft skin. Dive deep into our heavenly whipped LUXE Hand & Foot Cream. Like our Dream Cream, we whip this recipe to create a light fluffy consistency that will easily soak in, without leaving a sticky film on your hands and feet. The fabulous ingredient blend helps in repairing roughness, and preserves the skin by protecting it with natural Vitamin E and C as well as taming any chapping and cracking.

One of my favorite things lately has been doing this routine right before bed, putting warm fuzzy socks on to let my feet soak in all they can and sometimes I’ll even sometime put socks on my hands too (when my gloves are missing) if I’m going straight to bed!

You can refer back to the November blog too to ready about our daily moisturizing body lotions plus more tips & tricks to keep your skin from drying out during winter months.

Enjoy Loves, T

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